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Traveling from London to New York City to get married is very exciting, but also comes with some meticulous planning. When Jenny first contacted me, it was ten days before her wedding. The floral designer she booked months in advance had just canceled. Some people would become frantic, but not Jenny, her inquiry was calm, cheerful and full of optimism.

Jenny wanted her bridal bouquet to be a surprise and asked me select the color palette, flower type and ribbon. When I saw images of her wedding dress, rose gold shoes and some photos of her with her fiancé, I envisioned a polished elegant bouquet with a touch of whimsy. 

Photographer, Amber Marlow, planned a fabulous photoshoot and caught every precious moment of the elopement. She lead the couple from the Roxy Hotel to City Hall, through the East Village and over the Brooklyn Bridge. Knowing in advance the couple would be traversing the bustling city streets, I designed Jenny’s bouquet to be durable without compromising style. I included roses, eucalyptus, David Austin garden roses, and the ultimate luxury flower for this time of year, Japanese ranunculus. For an extra special touch, the stems were wrapped with exquisite hand-dyed ribbon by Silk and Willow

Thank you Jenny and Andrew - It was an honor to design something beautiful for your destination wedding. Wishing you a lifetime filled with happiness, love and more adventures! Xx

All images (except top right) by Amber Marlow


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There’s something magical about presenting a beautifully wrapped gift to someone special. With the holiday season only a few weeks away, I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to take wrapping to the next level - with flowers! In this DIY video I used roses, mint, wax flowers and astrantia. For a little more festive winter holiday feel, opt for seasonal blooms like amaryllis, juniper berry, pine and holly. Have fun and happy holidays!

Video made using Animoto / Images Beth Forester / Perfume Malin + Goetz / Box Container Store



  • There are many festive seasonal blooms to use for the holidays. Flowers like amaryllis, juniper berry, pine and holly are beautiful!



  1. Choose flowers (1 focal flower & a few accent flowers)
  2. Line a sturdy gift box with cellophane
  3. Cut a floral foam block to fit your box, then soak block in water for 5 minutes
  4. Place wet block inside the box
  5. Make mini bouquets with the accent flowers and wrap with floral tape
  6. Cut all flower stems to about 2 inches
  7. Set gift inside the box
  8. Insert your focal flower straight down into the foam. Continue adding flowers in a random pattern. Tip: start with the first flower in a corner of the box.
  9. Next, fill open spaces with the mini bouquets.
  10. Decorate the outside of the box with a bow and/or flowers.


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On a cold December morning last year I received the warmest message! A beautiful bride-to-be, Savaria Harris, had seen my weekly floral arrangements at The Drybar and contacted me to design a bespoke bridal bouquet for her secret elopement ceremony in New York City. The ceremony would be held at Marriage Bureau, followed by a toast at the Crosby Street Hotel with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot that the groom brought back from Paris just for this occasion.

When Savaria shared an image of her lace dress, I immediately thought of an elegant soft color palate and luxury blooms that would enhance what she was wearing. Using some of her favorite flowers, I designed a graceful classic bouquet filled with peonies, roses and anemones. Photographer Kamila Harris (no relation to the bride) captured every stunning detail with perfection! I think Savaria's words sum it up best, "I just told my parents today [about the wedding] and my mother immediately asked for pictures. When she saw the bouquet she exclaimed, "gorgeous!"

Thank you, Savaria and Herve - it was an honor and joy to design the florals for your wedding. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and love! Xx

All images by Kamila Harris


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Brooke & Nick traveled from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to New York City to get married in the most romantic setting – Bethesda Terrace in Central Park. Brooke's vision for her dream bouquet was one filled with peonies and other lovely flowers in a stunning yellow and white color palette. Inspired by her sweet and genuine nature, I chose white French peonies, light yellow David Austin garden roses, dark yellow specialty roses, hellebores and (my favorite) rainbow eucalyptus. Here are some images from their magical wedding day. The incredibly talented photographer, Kamila Harris, captured each precious moment. Part of what I love about being a floral designer is the people that I have the privilege to work with and meet! Designing and personally delivering Brooke's bridal bouquet and Nick's boutonnière was an honor. 

Wishing this special couple a happy, healthy and joyful life together! Xx

All images by Kamila Harris