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There’s something magical about presenting a beautifully wrapped gift to someone special. With the holiday season only a few weeks away, I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to take wrapping to the next level - with flowers! In this DIY video I used roses, mint, wax flowers and astrantia. For a little more festive winter holiday feel, opt for seasonal blooms like amaryllis, juniper berry, pine and holly. Have fun and happy holidays!

Video made using Animoto / Images Beth Forester / Perfume Malin + Goetz / Box Container Store



  • There are many festive seasonal blooms to use for the holidays. Flowers like amaryllis, juniper berry, pine and holly are beautiful!



  1. Choose flowers (1 focal flower & a few accent flowers)
  2. Line a sturdy gift box with cellophane
  3. Cut a floral foam block to fit your box, then soak block in water for 5 minutes
  4. Place wet block inside the box
  5. Make mini bouquets with the accent flowers and wrap with floral tape
  6. Cut all flower stems to about 2 inches
  7. Set gift inside the box
  8. Insert your focal flower straight down into the foam. Continue adding flowers in a random pattern. Tip: start with the first flower in a corner of the box.
  9. Next, fill open spaces with the mini bouquets.
  10. Decorate the outside of the box with a bow and/or flowers.